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We are “political communication agency” of Turkey

For 25 years, we are launching “political communication” services in Turkey. This period of time has also been a pair of two decades spent for an effort of transforming concepts like “paid service from an agency” to “paid service from a political communication agency”; “from an advertiser” to “from a political communication consultant”. It seems like we are just at the beginning.

For a long time, we are applying authenthic products, services and methods formed according to the political conditions and demands of Turkey. We always behaved along these realities even for planning “political coaching” for the first time and even also for our service:“diagram for political vision”.

We are in the service of all our citizens meeting in the platform of democracy who wants to be in politics, who wants to be a candidate. We have launched political consulting and communication services to political candidates in all local and legislative elections held in Turkey; we have signed successfull colnsulting periods and election campaigns.

We believe in assets of canvassing and knowledge. We are matching up our clients with the truths of local communication, by also cognizing global knowledge. We are developing coherent solutions that could overcome nearly all the stages beginning with the decision from “being a candidate”, preparing for the election and election campaign.

We have been working by never ignoring authentic styles of “politics” in Turkey, components effecting process of being a candidate and direct reflections of relations of a political actor and a leader to career planning of the actor and always taking “perception” and sensitive balance into consideration.

Since 1993, we have organized election campaigns mainly in İstanbul and her counties, launched advertisement, consulting and canvassing services wtih our solution partners. In ever part of Turkey, in different provinces, counties and towns we have presented various and special services to our clients. With all our services and products related with political communication consulting, canvassing and election campaigns we are ready to reach to everywhere in Turkey.

SITA is closely examining abroad election campaigns, how internet and “social media” is being integrated to communication processes; reflecting its 25 years old experience and contemporary political communication techniques to its strategies and campaigns.

Besides SITA, is supporting many academic studies in which some of them SITA has been the subject in the field of political communication. SITA, beside continuing its assistance and support to scientific studies, is preparing for a launch of “Political Communication Newspaper” released by SITA online for ten years by transfering to a political communication portal with a new name siyasaliletisim.com in 2013.

Hope to be together in many elections…

O. Suat Özçelebi

General Manager
Political Communication Consultant

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